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by admin on March 15th, 2009

Welcome to Max Gorman’s new website. Here you will find details of all Max’s published research, publications and poetry.

Feel free to browse the site and to leave comments or get in touch!

  1. Hi – great site! I look forward to browsing it!

  2. Norma Probert permalink

    Hello Max

    I have found you on here. please contact me.

    Norma x

  3. Hi Max

    Got your letter – can you ring me on 01730 816799 or email your tel no.
    You didn’t give your tel no, nor has the ‘enquiry’ email worked as I’ve had no reply.



  4. Kashikyri (Hampton) permalink

    thank you so much for STAIRWAY TO THE STARS, as I have made inroads with a friend to help him come to some congruent HEARTmind regarding the Sufis with whom he is drawn by Love, and less familiar but exposed to recently, and the work of Gurdjieff with which he is driven by his Mind, and struggles for balance away from just thinking.

    He has his own copy of the book and I do not press him any farther in any way to come to some resolution, or not: he must have his own Peace about this, and does by a very slow process. …..

    And I Am very interested in JESUS THE SUFI, which I will review now…

  5. Robin Greenwood permalink

    Hi Max

    I am Cliffords friend, (his only friend according to Gillian)

    Just got the “stars” book .what a mass of wisdom and hard work is distilled in that slim volume.
    Im having difficulty getting Jesus the sufi from Aeon Books.Amazon are so ruthlessly efficient you could live your life supplied by them .they probably sell washing machines!

  6. Hi Max…where are you?

  7. Nishan permalink

    I have a question regarding the directing attention . I first learned this as self- remembering from Gurdjieff’s books .

    I was trying to keep my attention on me and keep engaging with daily activities .

    I was feeling mostly my chest area when I tried to do so .

    I realized that I could hardly do this for not more than 1 min !

    Every such time , I was feeling a “tingling” in my body and I couldn’t bare it .

    That was happened when my attention was kept continuously on my body and outer events; where I sit and focus to do this exercise only.

    But when day to day events , when I do this exercise no such feeling ; but I’m not sure whether my attention was properly anchored on both my body and outer events simultaneously.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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